Turkey Hunts with Swampbilly

Lord knows it has been hot here in Florida, but even in the midst of August, we know that fall is coming. With fall comes the fabulous cooler weather, lower humidities that all Floridians look forward to, and hunting time. Fall brings one of our favorite hunts of the year–the turkey hunt. Let us take a minute to tell you why you should reserve a hunt with Swampbilly.

Punta Gorda Turkey Hunt

Turkey Hunting

There is no better time to introduce young hunters or inexperienced hunters to hunting than with a turkey shoot. Turkey hunting isn’t easy, but it is easier to do a turkey hunt than it is hunting other wild game, such as alligators, deer or ducks. The climate and temperatures are perfect for hanging outside with friends–as long as you prepare yourself for a potentially hot day.

Turkey hunting is also a great hunt to do if you or your group is pressed for time. You could drop in for a two-day turkey hunt, which you could complete over a weekend. We know fall can be a busy time of year for people, and they don’t want to take a week out of their schedules to hunt. With a turkey hunt, you can pack a lot of fun in a couple of days.

We don’t just hunt turkeys at Swampbilly, we hunt prize turkeys. They are the Osceola turkey, or the Florida turkey. These turkeys are unique to Florida, and in Florida, you can hunt turkeys all day long. You can hunt turkeys, have a great lunch, and then hunt turkey in the afternoon. What more could you ask for in a fall hunt?

Are you ready for your next turkey adventure? Come by and see us at Swampbilly Outdoor Adventures, 43510 Neal Road in Punta Gorda. You can also give us a call at 941-413-6186.