The Ultimate Florida Experience

There are a lot of items that say Florida. Perhaps it’s the beautiful palm trees or the vast amount of swampland in the state. Many people love the gorgeous beaches the state is known for or its amusement parks. While all of Florida is amazing, if you want the ultimate Florida experience, you need to get out of the amusement parks and into the actual wilderness. Here is something you could expect on your ultimate Florida adventure, and it includes alligators.

Alligator Hunting in Punta Gorda

Chasing the Elusive Hunter

Many people think that alligator hunting is simple. They think gators are slow and stupid. In reality, they are neither. Alligators can run up to 40 miles an hour on land in short spurts, which is much faster than a man can run. There is no gator that runs faster than a mother gator if you disturb her nest. Gators are not the smartest animals, but they are formidable hunters. Gators have enormous patience, and will lie in wait for prey for hours if necessary.

If you are lucky enough to capture a gator, be prepared for a massive fight. That’s because gators have all sorts of tricks up their sleeve and can put up a fierce battle when trapped. You not only have to be wary of their teeth and jaw strength, but their claws and tail as well. In short, if you get to wrestle a gator, you will have truly had the ultimate Florida experience.

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