Items Every Hunter Should Have in Their Bag

The fall is one of our most favorite times of the year–not for the turkey, pumpkins and candy, but for the hunting. Fall is prime hunting season, and hunters everywhere are gearing up to go out. Before you and your family and friends set out this year, check out your equipment in your hunting bag. Do you have these items with you?

Swampbilly Hunting

What Should I Include in My Hunting Bag?

The first thing you should pack in your hunting bag needs to be a headlight or a flashlight. You never know when you might need a light, especially if you are doing a dawn hunt or a night hunt. You also need multiple knives and a knife sharpener, especially if you skin and field dress your game before you come in from the hunt. Knives are quickly dulled on the hunt, so be sure that you have a knife sharpener handy as well. It only takes one attempt at skinning an animal with a dull knife before you decide to always have sharp knives around.

You also want to have binoculars or a range finder in your bag. While it is always tempting to shoot when your game makes its appearance, either binoculars or a range finder will be able to tell you that you need to wait patiently for the prey to move closer, or you need to take your shot. Finally, be sure you have a coil of rope. Just like everything else we’ve listed, you never know when rope might be useful for getting game up in a tree for safekeeping, or to haul your weapons up into a deer stand.

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