Choose Your Hog Hunt

We offer amazing opportunities for both Meat Hog and Trophy Boar hunts. With either option, you are guaranteed a day to remember.

Meat Hog


$299 Per Hog

Stand, Blind or Stalk.


Trophy Hog


$499 Per Hog

Stand, Blind or Stalk.


Night Stalk Hunt

Night Vision or Spotlight

Meat Hog Night Hunt


Meat Hog – $499


Trophy Hog Night Hunt


Trophy Hog – $649


Hog Cleaning:

Skinning and quartering of your game - $50
Caping of your trophy hog is a nominal fee of $25

If you plan to bring your hog home, our guides will have it all cleaned and quartered for you. It is recommended to bring a 35qt cooler for a single hog hunt. Please contact us SOA Prostaff for our recommendations on cooler sizes for multiple hogs or larger game. Ice is provided.

Hog Processing

Looking to turn your hog into delicious sausage to be enjoyed long after the hunt? Let us set you up with our local processor where you can choose, breakfast, Italian, chorizo, and more. This is a great way to utilize your meat and remember your adventure. We will even deliver your harvest to the processor for you. Please speak with our guides to get current offerings and pricing. Customer is responsible for paying the processor directly and any shipping charges.


Our rustic yet comfortable guest lodge is the perfect place to unwind after your hunt. Whether you want to soak in the hot tub, catch the big game on satellite tv, or relish the peace and quiet by the outdoor fire pit you are sure to enjoy your stay with us. Need to get some business done while away? We offer complimentary wi-fi and have a large meeting table available for your convenience. A single night stay includes Dinner and Breakfast.

Discover The Thrill Of Hog Hunting

Whether this is your first trip into the woods or you are a veteran hunter looking for a new trophy boar mount to add to your collection, Swampbilly Outdoor Adventures has an array of options to excite you. Our top-notch guides are there to ensure not only your safety but to deliver a first-class feral hog hunting experience as well.

With options from tree stands, stalk or buggy hunts, we have the perfect hunt for you.  Looking for a true adrenaline rush? Try a night stalk hunt for these intelligent and dangerous creatures; a true heart-pounding adventure.

Remember feral hog hunts are not limited to a season in Florida and available all year long!

Remember, No Marsh Is Too Harsh!

Trained & Experienced Staff

Our seasoned guides bring a wealth of knowledge to Swampbilly Outdoor Adventures. They are here to help develop your skills, hone your marksmanship before the hunt, and ensure everyone’s safety. Have a special question or request? Ask us! With a myriad of backgrounds from professional guides, law enforcement, and lifetime hunting/fishing enthusiasts, they can help with just about anything.

We offer a variety of hunting styles, methods, and weapon choices at Swampbilly Outdoor Adventures. Whether this is your first hunting experience or your 100th, our staff will show you a first-class experience that leaves you dreaming of your next trip with us.

If you are ready, then so are we!


Contact us with any questions you many have about our hunting packages.  


"Awesome place with awesome guide, Jamie Hooks. Tons of game to choose from. We will definitely be back. Both of use took nice hogs."

Wayne Campell

Interested In Additional Hunts?

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