Alligator Hunts ALL Year Round ! ! !

 Our state permits allow us to provide exceptional alligator hunts ALL YEAR to fit your schedule. A gator hunt with us includes all of your state-required licenses, permits, and tags. No stress on your part. There are multiple ways you can harvest your gator: gun, bow, crossbow, or spear. Book an alligator hunt with us and let our seasoned guides take you on the hunt of a lifetime.

7 Foot Alligator


7-Foot — $1,149 per alligator


8 Foot Alligator


8-Foot — $1,649 per alligator


9 Foot Alligator


9-Foot  — $2,149 per alligator


10 Foot Alligator


10-Foot  — $3,049 per alligator


11 Foot Alligator


11-Foot  — $5,149 per alligator


12-Foot or Larger -- Please Call For Special Pricing

Gator Cleaning is $45/ft (ie. 7 foot gator is roughly $315)

Gator cleaning includes skinning the gator and pressure cleaning the hide. The hide will be salted and put in the freezer to preserve for shipping. The storing of the hide and drop off to local taxidermist or tannery is included. If you want it shipped outside of our local area shipping cost will be added.

All usable gator meat will be cut from the bone, defatted, labeled and bagged for you. Any further processing such as “sausage, meat sticks, jerky, etc.” can be quoted by local processors.


Our rustic yet comfortable guest lodge is the perfect place to unwind after your hunt. Whether you want to soak in the hot tub, catch the big game on satellite tv, or relish the peace and quiet by the outdoor fire pit you are sure to enjoy your stay with us. Need to get some business done while away? We offer complimentary wi-fi and have a large meeting table available for your convenience. A single night stay includes Dinner and Breakfast.

Discover The Thrill Of Gator Hunting

Whether you are looking for the thrill of stalking a massive alligator, a conversation trophy piece, or even a hide to have turned into wallets, boots, etc, Swampbilly Outdoor Adventures is here to make it a reality. We offer a safe, yet heart pounding hunting experience for these dangerous reptiles and it is an adventure you will not soon forget.

Are you a seasoned hunter looking for a challenge and bragging rights to carry for years to come? Ask us about our alligator hunting options with traditional bow, crossbow or even spear! You will have the memories and stories to tell for years to come and the great gator meat to enjoy while telling them. Let us help fill your freezer, get you a nice head mount or tanned gator hide that you can have turned into anything you desire. We look forward to seeing you.

Remember, No Marsh Is Too Harsh!

Trained & Experienced Staff

Our seasoned guides bring a wealth of knowledge to Swampbilly Outdoor Adventures. They are here to help develop your skills, hone your marksmanship before the hunt, and ensure everyone’s safety. Have a special question or request? Ask us! With a myriad of backgrounds from professional guides, law enforcement, and lifetime hunting/fishing enthusiasts, they can help with just about anything.

We offer a variety of hunting styles, methods, and weapon choices at Swampbilly Outdoor Adventures. Whether this is your first hunting experience or your 100th, our staff will show you a first-class experience that leaves you dreaming of your next trip with us.

If you are ready, then so are we!


Contact us with any questions you many have about our hunting packages.  


"Awesome place with awesome guide, Jamie Hooks. Tons of game to choose from. We will definitely be back. Both of use took nice hogs."

Wayne Campell

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