Check Out These Hog Hunting Tips for Beginners

Beginners in all fields of life, as well as in hog hunting, need capable hands to guide them and show them the way. The Swampbilly Outdoor Adventures team would like you to have the ultimate hog hunting experience as a first-timer so let us go over the tips you need to know for that.

About Hogs

Hogs are hostile creatures and are likely to attack you when you are within sight, and attack your crops and wildlife native to the United States. What makes it more problematic is that they mate and reproduce quickly; this means that their population keeps increasing on a steady basis.

In the United States alone, feral hogs which are not native species number more than a million. Texas has 2.6 million feral hogs within the state; make a rough estimate of how much they would be across all 50 states. So how do you hunt them and help protect yourself, your crops and native wildlife?

Hog Hunting in Punta Gorda

Hog Hunting Tips for Beginners

Pick a Hunting Spot

The best hunting spots are states with a high hog population. These states are Texas, Florida and Louisiana with the hog population in these states numbering 2.6 million and 500,000 for Texas and Louisiana respectively.
For Texas, all you need is a general hunting license and you are good to go. However, if you decide to hunt at night (like we would explain below) with a spotlight, you need to have notified the local warden before going hunting; for Louisiana, you need a Louisiana state hunting license and while you can hunt during daytime and at nighttime, night time hog hunting comes with stipulated restrictions; for Florida, a general hunting license is required for hunting on public land and this can be done all year round except during spring turkey hunting season.

Use the Veil of Darkness

Hogs have learnt to adapt by staying out of the way of the hunters coming after them within the day. With this adaptation, it is advisable to follow suit and go after them at night when they are feeding. Oftentimes, you need extra lighting – in addition to moonlight – to successfully do this at night so it is important you know what the state you are hunting in says about using another form of lighting to hunt hogs during the nighttime.

Use Hog Tracking Tricks to Get Them

There are different hog tracking tricks to use in order to effectively hog hunts:

  • Record and play predators’ sounds so they can flee from their places of protection/hiding into an open space where you can effectively hunt sothem. The idea is that they would like to escape from predators so they will not bother about security then.
  • Look for dug up holes close to creeks; these holes are usually dug up by feral hogs so that they can chill. Finding these types of holes means they are close by and you can easily hunt them down.
  • When they walk, they leave footprints. Their footprints resemble those of a deer’s but they are rounder in shape and wider as well.
  • Record and play the cries of piglets in pain, and they will come running to save their piglets. No parent likes to hear their children in pain; this applies to feral hogs too.
  • Look for uprooted soils; when they go searching for food, they uproot soils and vegetative regions to source for food.

No marsh is too harsh for your first-time hog hunting experience because we are here to show you the way. Call Swampbilly Outdoor Adventures at 941-413-6186 to book on the phone or book on our website by clicking the Book Now button.