Big vs. Small Game Hunting

Just as both words (“big” and “small”) indicate, big game hunting and small game hunting differ. While there is often a thin line between them per classification by different individuals, there are certain core differences to keep in mind when going hunting. Examples of big games include alligators and boars, whereas examples of small games are squirrels, muskrats and rabbits.

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Hog Hunting: Trophy vs. Meat

There’s a lot of information out there right now about the benefits of hunting wild hog. Feral hogs are an issue for farmers all over Florida. Wild hogs tear up and eat all kinds of crops, which can result in thousands of dollars of losses for farmers. If you are thinking about going on a hog hunt, you might have concerns about what kind of hunt to try. We have some information for you about trophy hunting of hogs versus taking a hog for the meat.

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