The Ultimate Florida Experience

There are a lot of items that say Florida. Perhaps it’s the beautiful palm trees or the vast amount of swampland in the state. Many people love the gorgeous beaches the state is known for or its amusement parks. While all of Florida is amazing, if you want the ultimate Florida experience, you need to get out of the amusement parks and into the actual wilderness. Here is something you could expect on your ultimate Florida adventure, and it includes alligators.

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Big vs. Small Game Hunting

Just as both words (“big” and “small”) indicate, big game hunting and small game hunting differ. While there is often a thin line between them per classification by different individuals, there are certain core differences to keep in mind when going hunting. Examples of big games include alligators and boars, whereas examples of small games are squirrels, muskrats and rabbits.

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The American Alligator Lifestyle

The livestock census count is 5 million for the American Alligator. With a possible weight of 992lbs, it is the largest reptile in the United States of America. It feeds on small fish, other reptiles (snakes, sea turtles, etc.), amphibians (such as the American bullfrog, mole salamander, frogs, toads, hellbenders, sirens, etc.) and little mammals. Freshwater slow-moving rivers are the alligator’s favorite habitat but they also inhabit marshes and lakes. Below, we explain their way of life according to these three stages of their lives: birth stage, juvenile stage, adult stage.

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