Small Varmint Hunt

Let us take you on a night ride on our buggy, side x side or golf cart for a totally enjoyable varmint hunt experience. You will have a blast with family & friends riding around the property looking for varmints with spotlights, while laughing and having a good time as you try to shoot the fast and skittish critters. This is a great way to test your skills at fast moving targets. Guests consistently tell us this is the most fun they have had in years! We look forward to taking you on a hunt that is guaranteed to put some joy in your life and have your belly aching from laughter.

Varmint Hunt


$125 per person

Varmints include raccoon, opossum, rabbit, squirrel, and more.

We waste nothing here at SOA and all animals taken will be used by the camp.

Predator Hunt

A night hunt for those looking for a truly unique and challenging experience. Sitting in the woods at night calling in the elusive coyote or bobcat is the ultimate challenge. This is a spine-tingling experience for sure, but our veteran guides are with you every step of the way. You are welcome to bring your own night vision set-up or rent one of our set-ups, a high-powered digital night vision scope mounted on an AR-15.

These hunts generally last 4-5 hrs and are available for our overnight guests. Due to the varying nature of open land hunts, there is no guarantee of a harvest during a predator hunt. Prices reflect the time spent and experience gained; unfortunately refunds cannot be given for unsuccessful harvests.

Predator Hunt


$400 per person


Our rustic yet comfortable guest lodge is the perfect place to unwind after your hunt. Whether you want to soak in the hot tub, catch the big game on satellite tv, or relish the peace and quiet by the outdoor fire pit you are sure to enjoy your stay with us. Need to get some business done while away? We offer complimentary wi-fi and have a large meeting table available for your convenience. A single night stay includes Dinner and Breakfast.

Discover The Thrill Of Predator/Varmint Hunting

Looking to add to your Swampbilly Outdoor Adventure package? Talk with us about our predator hunts, a hair raising, night stalk experience, or our varmint hunts, the perfect fun-filled group hunting experience. Either way, you are guaranteed a safe and memorable time.

Remember, No Marsh Is Too Harsh!

Trained & Experienced Staff

Our seasoned guides bring a wealth of knowledge to Swampbilly Outdoor Adventures. They are here to help develop your skills, hone your marksmanship before the hunt, and ensure everyone’s safety. Have a special question or request? Ask us! With a myriad of backgrounds from professional guides, law enforcement, and lifetime hunting/fishing enthusiasts, they can help with just about anything.

We offer a variety of hunting styles, methods, and weapon choices at Swampbilly Outdoor Adventures. Whether this is your first hunting experience or your 100th, our staff will show you a first-class experience that leaves you dreaming of your next trip with us.

If you are ready, then so are we!


Contact us with any questions you many have about our hunting packages.  


"Awesome place with awesome guide, Jamie Hooks. Tons of game to choose from. We will definitely be back. Both of use took nice hogs."

Wayne Campell

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