Big vs. Small Game Hunting

Just as both words (“big” and “small”) indicate, big game hunting and small game hunting differ. While there is often a thin line between them per classification by different individuals, there are certain core differences to keep in mind when going hunting. Examples of big games include alligators and boars, whereas examples of small games are squirrels, muskrats and rabbits.

Reason for Hunting

It is best to spell out why you are hunting before proceeding on the trip. Are you hunting for a meal or two? Go small game hunting. On the flip side, are you hunting for several meals? Go for big game hunting.

Game Classifications

Game hunting is differently classified into these two subsections by different states in the United States; this classification is usually done by the organization set up by the state. We suggest reaching out to the state hunting organization where you reside in order to know for sure.

Hunting Equipment

There is the choice of the hunting equipment as well. You need to have the right size/diameter of ammunition for the hunt; the wrong size/diameter could either not kill the game with a single shot (if it is too small for the game) or it could shatter its body and insides hence making it not suitable for eating (if it is too big for the game).

Hunting Licenses

Licenses matter for game hunting. Because game hunting is split across big game and small game, a classification which often differs across different states, it is easy to be on the wrong side of the law by hunting for big game with a small game license and vice-versa. Before you purchase your game tags, seek the help of your local game hunting organization for the available small game license vs big game license vs birds license.

Choosing a Game Hunting Spot

Small games are seen in certain locations whereas big games such as mountain goats, wild boars, bears are seen in thick forests, mountains and generally in the wild. This means picking a hunting spot for a big game hunt could involve a recon mission, scouting and some days worth of trip whereas picking a spot for small games involves going somewhere close.

Wisdom in game hunting entails separating the hunting spots chosen for game hunting even if it is often possible to hunt both types of games in the same location; this gives you the advantage of stealth and better hunting yield.

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