A Few Basics All Anglers Need to Know

While hunting season may be over for many of your favorite animals for a few months, fishing season is most definitely not, especially in Central and South Florida. Florida’s unique temperatures and climate make bass fishing in the Sunshine State an ideal pastime. If you love to bass fish, but you need some pointers, here are some of the most basic things a bass angler should know before heading out.

Bass Fishing in Punta Gorda

Fishing Tips for Bass

One of the most important bass fishing tips is to make sure that you have enough cover in your fishing location before you cast your line. Cover could be anything from pond flora to docks to rocks, but bass use that cover to lie in wait for their prey to ambush them. Where there is cover, there will be bass. Before you put that line in, think about what the bass in your area eat. You need to match your bait or lure to what the fish in your area are most attracted to.

Next be willing to try new things and fish in new locations, because bass are constantly changing their tactics. The more you diversify your fishing techniques, the more bass you will get. You should also be prepared for different weather conditions, especially in Florida. Bass are affected by the weather. Bass are more active in cloudy rather than clear weather, so you may need to change up your technique based on the weather of the day. Be sure that your bait matches the water temperature as well. Bass like slower bait in cooler temperatures, and faster bait in warmer temperatures. Wind also affects bass, as they like to be more active the windier it gets outside.

There are some things you can do to catch more bass that have nothing to do with the weather. Be sure that you are a proficient knot tier, so the bass don’t slip away. Do your research on bass fishing in your area, and be persistent. If you give up too easily, you won’t catch a wily fish like the bass.

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